The Symposium has three major objectives:

  • Promotion of communication between researchers, designers, engineers, graduate students and manufacturers regarding state-of-the-art approaches in the field of energetic materials, including propellants (solid, liquid, hybrid, ramjets, gel), explosives, initiators/igniters, and their ingredients with applications for propulsion, demolition, mining and power generation 
  • Discussions of new and improved safety techniques associated with energetic material synthesis, manufacture, deployment, disposal; and 
  • To recommend future directions for research in the above areas

Why Present?

  • ISICP is recognised for the quality of its papers, plus many attendees are leaders in their field 
  • Selected papers, following peer review, will subsequently be published in the International Journal of Energetic Materials & Chemical Propulsion (IJEMCP).
  • Presenting a paper gives access to IJEMCP's archive for three months (after almost all 12-ISICP papers are published in the journal). Note that a one year lease to the archive is $1000 (with one year's subscription a further $1609), whilst otherwise pdf’s of ad hoc papers are~$80 each
  • Prizes: There will be a number of prizes ,up to $1,000 each. Details will be announced before registration opens

Why Attend?

  • Overall technical scope & focus of the conference/scientific reputation (twelve previous well attended specialist meetings, over > 30 years)
  • Invited speakers, covering a range of topical subjects
  • Three Panel sessions 
  • Technical papers to be available to participants the day before the presentations